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At Strength Craze Gym we are a fully equipped gym with all the cutting edge technology to track and monitor your progress.  We We offer Personal training, Nutritional counselling, FIT 3D and INBODY body composition testing, youth classes, open gym access, tanning and an infrared sauna, all in a clean and friendly environment to make your fitness journey a successful and enjoyable experience.

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After an initial meeting with a trainer to determine your goals and design your program, we work with you one on one to achieve the best results.  We monitor you progress every step of the way with our FIT 3D Imaging and INBODY body composition scanning machine.  That is why we have been voted PRESCOTT/RUSSELL'S TOP CHOICE for PERSONAL TRAINING!  Book an appointment  today to be our next success story and your very best self!

           OPEN ACCESS
We take great pride in our clean, well maintained, fully stocked gym.  For those clients that are dedicated to the creation of their bodies and just need the tools to do it, we offer full access to all our equipment.  With machines, free weights, cardio equipment, and mixed conditioning tools we are the area's TOP PICK for PLACES TO TRAIN!  We offer 3 month, 6 month and 1 year packages available.   

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           SC BOOTCAMP
12 weeks of outdoor training in a safe and encouraging environment.  
The first 12 week session will begin on September 6th and will run Tuesday at 6pm, Thursday 6pm and Saturday at 10am.
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Reserve your spot today by sending us a message or book online!
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           NUTRITION IS KEY!


What you do outside the gym is just as, if not more important then, what you do inside the gym.  Meet with Barry, answer a few questions and together map out your Nutrition Plan.  Taking in consideration your likes and dislikes, allergies, medication and individual needs.  Using 30 years of knowledge and real food choices your plan isn't a cookie cutter, one size fits all approach.  It is tailored to your lifestyle and updates are done based on your progress measured with our FIT 3D and INBODY body composition analysis systems.  You will be able to see and measure your success.  Not just your weight but your body fat, lean muscle mass, strength distribution and all your bodies measurements will be taken and tracked along the way!

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           Enough is Enough!

Ready to see how we can make your fitness journey an effective one?  Get you to the body and level of health you have always wanted?  Don't make excuses and give yourself a way out!  Book your appointment to meet with us today!



Hi my names Scott I’m a certified functional Myofascial Practitioner and certified in IASTM and Personal Trainer.

WHAT I OFFER: Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) IASTM is an advanced form of deep tissue massage utilizing instruments to detect fascial restrictions and scar tissue. These instruments help detect locations that soft tissue is restricted and then used to break up the restrictions. What I love about this craft is not only the ability to help eliminate pain but also find its source. I bring the philosophy of repairing the source of the pain and not just the immediate pain itself. Taking this approach I find leaves my clients living a healthier happier lifestyle and not just putting bandaids on issues. Come see me for anything from pain,mobility issues or even to improve day to day life.

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