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Health Consultation | Follow up

Fit 3D, InBody and Nutrition Counselling

  • 1 h
  • Concession Street

Service Description

During a health consultation or fitness follow-up at our gym, we utilize cutting-edge technology to guide your journey. The InBody 270 multi-frequency system provides a comprehensive analysis of body composition, offering insights into body fat, muscle mass, and overall body mass. The Fit3D 3D Body Scanner further enhances this process, allowing you to privately and accurately track your progress. This advanced scanner captures data such as 3D avatars, circumference measurements, body composition, posture analytics, weight, and balance. We believe that holistic wellness involves both training and mindful choices. With over 50 years of expertise, we ensure you're set up for success by focusing on what you put into your body and mind. Our tailored approach, enriched by technology and experience, empowers you to unlock your fullest potential and journey towards lasting transformation.

Contact Details

  • Strength Craze GYM, Concession Street, Russell, ON, Canada

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