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Don't take our word for it.  See why we have been voted PRESCOTT RUSSELL'S TOP FOR CUSTOMER SATISFACTION and PERSONAL TRAINING!  See why you should join the STRENGTH CRAZE GYM FAMILY!​

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"Training with Melissa at STRENGTH CRAZE has totally transformed my life. Her personalized and progressive training program has helped me get fit and strong. Beyond physical gains, I've become a much more confident and happy person. I can't thank her enough for helping me to prioritize my health and well-being by taking the time in the gym to train.
STRENGTH CRAZE GYM is super well-equipped, welcoming, and filled with supportive people who make early mornings and hard workouts worth it. To anyone interested in changing their life, Melissa and Barry will help to reach your fitness and nutrition goals in a healthy and sustainable way. Thanks STRENGTH CRAZE!"- RACHEL

Bernice's Letter

"In January 2019 I realized my weight had ballooned to its heaviest. I was even bigger than I had been when I was pregnant with three kids. I am on 4'11 so being a size 14 was the biggest I had ever been. The size 14 was now tight and all my clothes were very uncomfortable. Nothing felt like it should. I had some money that I could use for a cruise. I decided that my health was more important. So I decided I would take the money and get a personal trainer for a few months. On Facebook there was an ad for STRENGTH CRAZE. Since it was less then 5 minutes from my home I decided to check it out. I spoke with Barry who explained what they could accomplish in 25 visits to the gym. He gave me a meal plan . He listened to my issues with food. No judgement and gave me a meal plan that I could easily follow. Melissa said something to me when I spoke with her about my food issue. She said the past is the past and I could make the future different. It was up to me. No one had ever said that to me before. It got me thinking and I realized I could and should get over it.
Barry and Melissa are encouraging and positive. I must ask Melissa the same question more times then i could count. Melissa just says I could ask a billion times and she would answer them.
I look forward to my visits to Strength Craze Gym 3 times a week. I never think "oh no, gym again". Melissa pushes me but is very positive about it. She has a great sense of humour.
Since joining Strength Craze my physical and mental health have improved greatly. I can really see and feel the difference from a tight 14 to a loose 12 in 6 weeks. After 3 weeks had built almost a pound of muscle. Looking forward to the end result in 9 more session. Going to Strength Craze was the best decision I had made for my health. Couldn't have done it without the the encouragement and positivity of Melissa and Barry. Thanks guys!


Trying to find the courage of doing something out of your comfort zone can be challenging at times. Having Barry and Melissa at Strength Craze assist me in getting physically and mentally ready to succeed in a photoshoot and feeling great about myself was a huge part of it!! #trysomethingnew #gettingoutofyourcomfortlevel

Isabelle H

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