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Melissa Jones knows the journey someone goes on when they decide to take their health and fitness seriously.  With her own success story of overcoming obesity, this mom of 5 knows how to motivate you and guide you to the health and fitness status you deserve.  Transformation specialist with all the tools and knowledge you need to see those goals made into reality.  

            OUR STORY...

In 2018 2 worlds collided and epic happened.  STRENGTH CRAZE GYM was born.  Surviving a pandemic and shutdowns, Barry and Melissa Jones, people that have a love for fitness and transforming bodies, guide a team of experts to helping people reach their goals.  1 that has been an expert in this field for the last 25 years and the other a transformation success story.  Together they are a tag team of awesome to see your goals met and smashed out of the park.  Unfortunately Barry lost his battle with a rare kidney disease in July of 2022. 

Barry had been building and consulting on gyms across Canada and the US for all his life.  Building great bodies and prepping competitors for stage.  Mad love of his doggo boys and step dad to his beautiful brides kids.  Always learning and growing to stay leaps and bounds ahead of the game to produce your best body.  He will be missed for sure.

Melissa is a reformed fat girl (having lost 120lbs) and a transformation success story.  Mom to 5 kids and her 3 dog boys. Always striving for the next level and ready to help you live your best life.




Hi my names Scott I’m a certified functional Myofascial Practitioner and certified in IASTM and Personal Trainer. WHAT I OFFER: Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) IASTM is an advanced form of deep tissue massage utilizing instruments to detect fascial restrictions and scar tissue. These instruments help detect locations that soft tissue is restricted and then used to break up the restrictions. What I love about this craft is not only the ability to help eliminate pain but also find its source. I bring the philosophy of repairing the source of the pain and not just the immediate pain itself. Taking this approach I find leaves my clients living a healthier happier lifestyle and not just putting bandaids on issues. Come see me for anything from pain, mobility issues or even to improve day to day life.

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