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Melissa Jones knows the journey someone goes on when they decide to take their health and fitness seriously.  With her own success story of overcoming obesity, this mom of 5 knows how to motivate you and guide you to the health and fitness status you deserve.  Transformation specialist with all the tools and knowledge you need to see those goals made into reality.  


Chris Bois is a certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist.  This dad of 4 has spent the last few years in the military serving his country.  Now on leave he is putting his knowledge of fitness and nutrition to guide the clients of Strength Craze to lead their best life.  He comes to us with the knowledge and experience managing a nutrition store for 5 years.  Be ready for a workout with Chris that will push you and leave here feeling stronger and healthier.


Meet Steph Bastien.  He joins our team as a governement worker by day, chef by night and part time trainer.  With his passion being powerlifting, he loves to push his clients hard and seeing them hit new levels with their workouts.  Another dad of 4 and partner in crime of Melissa.  

This is Alex Chartrand.  This Algonquin college graduate (fitness program) joins the Strength Craze training team with fresh out of school knowledge and zeal for training.  Alex will put you through a well rounded and well instructed workout.  This construction worker always manages to come in and get his workout in even after a long day swinging a hammer.  His energy and smile will make your session fly by!

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