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Sr-9009 (STENABOLIC) 20MG/30ML


Sarmcenter labs Sténabolic (SR9009) has many benefits. 1-Helps burn fat 2-Increases endurance 3-Lowers blood cholesterol levels 4-Reduces inflammation 5-It can prevent atherosclerosis 6-It can be helpful during heart disease 7-Helps to overcome anxiety 8-Increases energy levels 9-Prevents fibrosis • Facilitates the burning of fat • Strengthens endurance • Improves cholesterol and blood sugar levels • Increased strength • Increased metabolism • Facilitates quality muscle building Stenabolic was developed by Professor Thomas Burris. The drug was first used to experiment with mice. It took only a few days for mice to become leaner. Their ability in running was considerably increased and the growth of muscle was over 50%. SR9009 simply replicates the effects of aerobic exercise. SR binds itself to Rev-Erba protein, which is controlling lipid and glucose metabolism, and make it more active. Stenabolics are also responsible for the creation of fat-storing cells and the macrophages reaction in the state of inflammation.

SR 9009

Excluding GST/HST
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